5. maalis, 2013

Nils Wedel

Työ, johon ihastuin "Moderna Museet" näyttelyssä. Työ otti kantaa natsien rappiotaide määritelmään ilmestyessään 1938.


Nils Wedel


Jury (censur) 1938


The German Nazis launched the exhibition " Entartete Kunst" in 1937 to define and deride moderism. When Nils Wedel heard about it he started sketching on a monumental painting. Nils Wedel compares the Nazi art censorship to a situation on the Swedish art scene. In Jury (censorship) Bror Hjoth`s art is being inspected by a sever jury. Sceptically, they regard the visual idiom of the new art Wede, who was introduced to cubism by Gösta Adrian- Nilsson in Paris in the 1920s, uses earthy colours and a generalism formal languaue in this painting. The technigue he uses, navax is his own mixture of pigments and was inspired by his wife Alice`s batik art.